THERMOSELECT Vivera Hydrogen The energy carrier of the future Hydrogen is the energy carrier of the 21st century: During combustion it leaves no residues apart from water, especially no carbon dioxide, and therefore relieves the problems of the greenhouse effect. Together with regenerative primary energies it provides a basis for the energy industry of the future. Over 30% of the synthesis gas produced during the THERMOSELECT process consists of hydrogen and over 30% is carbon monoxide. By using a conventional reformer – which converts the carbon monoxide fraction into pure hydrogen when water vapour is added – approx. 600 m3 hydrogen can be produced from 1000 m3  synthesis gas or one metric tonne of waste. The trendsetting fuel cell technology for producing electrical energy with the highest possible efficiencies requires hydrogen or fuels containing hydrogen. Fuel cells for stationary energy production are operated commercially worldwide. Leading companies in the vehicle and transport branch are backing hydrogen as the fuel of the near future. Their technology carriers have proven the feasibility and fitness for everyday use. Motor vehicles run on hydrogen will soon be launched on the market. Aircraft propulsions run on hydrogen are currently being developed. Fuel cells vehicle Hydrogen vehicle Fuel cells bus Study of an airctaft run on hydrogen