THERMOSELECT Vivera The Environment Our most valuable possession Off-site utlisation of the synthesis gas for chemical synthesis, or in an existing power plant means Zero emissions for the THERMOSELECT facility. In case, the power production is integrated in a THERMOSELECT facility, the emission values can be far below the most stringent European regulations. The Client sets the desired emission limits, respecting his local requirements. Combining high temperature gasification, direct fusion and shock cooling, not only the formation of organic substances such as dioxins and furans is prevented, but the harmful substances contained in waste feedstock are completely destroyed, too. The emission concentrations of the THERMOSELECT facility in Karlsruhe equipped with a steam turbine power station were at least a factor of 5 below the statutory values   Comparison between the limits fixed by the European Directive on the Incineration of Waste 2000/76/EC and the emissions' value of the plant in Karlsruhe Apart from synthesis gas, mineral wool produced from the inorganic feedstock components, represents the most important product. THERMOSELECT’S homogenized mineral melt is similar to Basalt. It can be used for Mineral Wool manufacturing, there replacing natural stones, and avoiding energy intensive melting of those.