THERMOSELECT Vivera Novedades/Noticias 26.11.2021 Colors of Hydrogen Download 01.10.2021 Hydrogen from waste Download 28.2.2017 - THERMOSELECT Mineral Wool Download 26.2.2016 - LA County Greenhouse Gas Emissions Download 19.07.2012 - The New Economy - Summer 2012 Ammonia & Urea Download 24.09.2007 - Waste management world - July, 2007 Thermal treatment review by Nickolas J. Themelis Download 14.05.2007 - Waste management lessons from Los Angeles Download 13.05.2005 - WASTE, JAPAN CHOOSES EUROPEAN TECHNOLOGY / ANSA ENVIRONMENT: WASTE, JAPAN CHOOSES EUROPEAN TECHNOLOGY. 7 mega plants constructed on the model of a demonstration plant in Italy Download 18.04.2005 - Identiplast 2005 USING THE THERMOSELECT FURNACE, THE CHIBA RECYCLING CENTER, COMPLETELY RECYCLES INDUSTRIAL WASTE FROM CHIBA PREFECTURE AND THE SURROUNDING REGION AS WELL AS WASTE PLASTIC AS FUEL GAS FOR THE STEEL WORKS. Download 31.12.2004 - PFI AWARDS 2004 Download 01.11.2004 - Waste Management World Nov Dez 2004 High-temperature gasification. The Thermoselect process. Gasification conserves the chemical energy of waste in the syngas produced. One technology giving good results has been developed by Thermoselect of Switzerland. The process accepts a wide range of waste, and produces purified syngas as well as granulate metals and minerals that can be used in industry and construction. Download 15.07.2004 - JFE technical report 2004 Thermoselect Waste Gasification and Reforming Process. Download 31.03.2004 - Press release - THERMOSELECT S.A. and JFE Eng. Co. have common position THERMOSELECT and JFE take position in regard to EnBW's decision to shut down the Karlsruhe plant Download 10.03.2004 - 4th International Automobile Recycling Congress, 12-14 March 2004, Geneva Automotive shredder residues, ASR, receive today special attention. Currently, ASR is mainly landfilled, but according to the European end-of-life directive for vehicles, the recycling rates must increase in future. Due to the large diversity of substances in this waste stream, and the ever increasing utilisation of complex composite materials, the demand for comprehensive, sustainable and environmentally friendly treatment methods becomes therefore increasingly higher. In this context, the rather high contents of heavy metals and chlorine in ASR require appropriate equipment. In response to this demand, the THERMOSELECT high temperature recycling process has successfully demonstrated its capability to deal also with this type of input. During an extended trial operation in the waste treatment facility in Karlsruhe, approx. 400 tons of ASR have been processed during 3 days. The results of this trail operation are reported in this paper. Download 15.10.2003 - Gasification Technologies Council, 12-15.10.2003, USA Download 26.03.2003 - Muell und Abfall 03/2003: THERMOSELECT- Hochtemperaturrecycling Download 01.11.2002 - Umweltmagazin 10/11-2002: THERMOSELECT- Hochtemperaturrecycling von Abfällen im Einsatz Download 28.02.2002 - R'02 Conference: THERMOSELECT: An Advanced Field Proven High Temperature Recycling Process Download 10.05.2000 - Kanaz Chiba certificate from Japan Waste Association Download