THERMOSELECT Vivera © Copyright 2017 THERMOSELECT The Company THERMOSELECT AG, has been founded in 14.2.1990 and owns the Business  Intellectual Property for the THERMOSELECT technology. It is based on a high  temperature/slight over-pressure gasification process converting different kind of  waste into synthesis gas, mineral wool products, and water in an ecologically friendly  way.  THERMOSELECT technology is protected worldwide by a large number of patents  covering procedure and technical components.  THERMOSELECT AG is the owner of  all patents and patent applications and the name THERMOSELECT® is a protected  trademark. Vivera Corporation, situated in Lawenastrasse 57, 9495 Triesen, Principality of  Liechtenstein, is authorized to market THERMOSELECT technology throughout the  world, and to conclude contracts with third parties for  licensing, sales, engineering  and erection of THERMOSELECT plants.    VIVERA’s Partners for THERMOSELECT Technology: Canada 3R Synergie China WUHUAN Engineering Co., Ltd Japan JFE, Japan Steel Engineering Russia Russia Novaya Energiya LLC USA Interstate Waste Technologies, Inc. (IWT)