THERMOSELECT Vivera Facility in Chiba / Japan The first THERMOSELECT facility in Japan was engineered and commissioned by THERMOSELECT for Chiba in Greater Tokyo. It has been in operation since autumn 1999. It is a 2-line facility with a capacity of 100,000 tonnes per annum.The facility is used for waste disposal of domestic, commercial and industrial waste. Approx. 80% of the synthesis gas is passed on to a neighbouring steelworks in Chiba. A 1.5 MW gas engine module is used to generate electricity in the THERMOSELECT facility. Working in collaboration with Toshiba, a 200 kW fuel cell is currently undergoing trials for synthesis gas utilisation in order to achieve the highest possible efficiencies for the conversion into electric energy in future. On 13th April 2000, the THERMOSELECT licensee in Japan, Kawasaki Steel Corporation (KSC), received a permit from the Japan Waste Management Association for the general use of the THERMOSELECT technology in Japan. Waste bunker   Quench scrubber Synthesis gas fuel cell High temperature reactor Process water treatment Gas engine module 1.5 MW el